Monday, March 14, 2011

What the future may hold

About a month ago, I took the Foreign Service Officer Test at the American Embassy in Sofia. The FSOT is the first qualifying stage to becoming an employee of the US Department of State. Ideally, I would like to work in the Public Affairs section. More info here. While I was away in England I received an email notifying me that I had passed the exam and I have been invited to complete the next part of the application, which is a series of short essays. I'm working on that now and should be ready to send it off next week, so wish me luck!

In other news, this weekend I had the pleasure of visiting a nearby village with my friend Dessy. Orehovitsa is a small village about 30 kilometers north of Pleven, towards the Danube River. As we approached on the bus I noticed that the landscape started to become more hilly and green (although there was still snow on the ground!). It is in a beautiful location and I plan to return when the weather is a bit warmer. The village is named for a walnut grove lining the main road, and there were lots of fruit and nut trees all around. Dessy's grandmother lives there with her aunt and we joined them, along with her mother, for lunch. It is always refreshing to get out of your normal surroundings, especially when you can spend time with good friends. Her family has been especially welcoming to me since I've been living here and I felt very much at home with them.

I also went to get another haircut in Pleven and I'm pleased with the results. The last time I had a cut it was to try and fix some damage I had done on my own, and thankfully my awful bangs have finally grown out to a normal length!  

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