Monday, May 2, 2011

Next Year in... Sofia!

Ich liebe Sofia Aufkleber

I finally made a decision about what to do with my life. Well, for the next 12 months, anyway. I will be renewing my grant with Fulbright and teaching English at the Hebrew School "Dimcho Debelyanov" in Sofia. This weekend was the wrap-up seminar for English Teaching Assistants and I think that the program is headed in an exciting direction. Next year there will be twice as many American teachers spread across the country and I will already have this year's experience to build upon at my new school. And I will hopefully be interning at one of the international non-governmental organizations based in Sofia, such as the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee. A lot of this is still in the works, including where I'll live, but luckily I have lots of time before I head home in July to figure it out.

Why am I choosing to live for another year in a foreign country? Because I really like it here and I've come to realize that I'm the type of person who can be happy pretty much anywhere. Not that there aren't specific things I love about Bulgaria, and more generally, the region. This year has been a great opportunity for reflection and learning more about myself. I want to pursue a career working in this part of the world and I know that this will fit into that plan somehow.

Wish me luck!

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