Sunday, June 12, 2011

New beginnings... sort of

If you've been keeping up with recent posts you'll know that after I go back to the States for a long visit this summer I will be returning to Bulgaria to teach again for another year. Only this time, things will be different. Firstly, I'll be living in Sofia, which has many opportunities to network and hopefully seek out further employment either here in Bulgaria or at least in the region. Sofia isn't a huge city but it's the only place in the country where you can find such high numbers of international organizations, young professionals and students. Oh, and there's also an airport. Secondly, I'll be working in a new school. This is sad for me in one sense because I love my classes and I've become close with a lot of my colleagues here in Pleven. But I will be able to come back and visit as often as I like, and hopefully have some guests in Sofia as well. My new school is funded in part by the Lauder Foundation, and students are taught both English and Hebrew as foreign languages. They have a lot of contacts with the American Embassy, which hopefully means that there will be more ways for me to get involved and learn more about the Public Affairs sector of the Foreign Service. One exciting event next year is a Hebrew teacher's conference to be held in Sofia, where I'll get to meet all of the teachers (mostly from the United States) in attendance. I met with my head-teacher at the new school this week to discuss my role in the classroom next year, and I think we'll make a really good team. It's an advantage for me to already have had the experience teaching this year, so I know what to expect, what works and what doesn't, etc... The biggest decision I need to make now is about accommodation for next year. I've been looking through agencies and the best thing about this economic crisis, in my opinion, is how low the rents are right now. I have a few leads from friends who know a place that will be available, so hopefully I can narrow it down soon. It would be best to figure that out now rather than when I come back in September so I don't have to scramble for a place (or end up signing a year lease in October!). After spending the weekend in Sofia I can already tell that next year will be a really good experience for me. I'm pretty excited.

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