Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Eсен -Fall

Even though it's still technically summer, it definitely felt more like autumn in Sofia today. It's been overcast and drizzling all day, and the footpaths between the block buildings in my neighborhood have all become muddy with fallen leaves that get stuck to your shoes. Walking through the halls at school I was struck by the long-forgotten but familiar aroma of soggy leaves and pencil shavings that brought back (probably repressed) memories of grade school. Just kidding! But really, grade school, or high school for that matter, is not somewhere I would ever want to return to as a student. Watching students in their social interactions in the halls and in class reminds me of how much I wanted to get out of school and why it was such a relief when it was all finally over. I imagine that's the way some of my students feel now.

I just finished my first official week of classes, and I think that things are looking pretty good at my new school. My students already seem eager to speak up and want to know about schools in the United States, and it's interesting to hear their perspectives about the school because it is a very unique one in many respects.   Living in Sofia has already presented some exciting opportunities, like an embassy event I'm attending next week. There are a lot of gallery openings and film screenings in the coming weeks and several organizations I'm interested in partnering with as a side-project.

This weekend is Bulgaria's independence holiday, so we have two free days off of work. And I'm headed to the seaside to visit another Fulbrighter and hopefully soak up some sun before this nasty weather heads east!

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