Thursday, March 1, 2012

Taking over the (digital) airwaves...

Shortly after the anti-ACTA protests here in Sofia a few weeks ago, two of my students at the Hebrew School asked me to take part in an interview for Off-Road Radio, an online streaming radio program that they sometimes host (which is pretty cool for a 16 or 17 year old kid, if you ask me). You can listen to the entire segment here, but just in case you don't have two hours to listen to a radio show in Bulgarian, my interview starts at 11:00 with a few musical breaks (mostly heavy metal). You can skip around until the end, which might be difficult if you don't understand Bulgarian, because the interview is almost entirely in Bulgarian (my answers are in English).

This topic is definitely a hot one right now in my English classes. All of my students seem to agree that it's an important issue that affects each one of them personally (internet piracy is pretty commonplace here, for lots of reasons). Talking about it in class has been eye-opening, but it was even more interesting for me to be interviewed by my students for the show and then have my answers translated into Bulgarian. And it's a very strange experience to listen to myself talk!  

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