Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"The world is on fire"

In case you haven't seen Bulgaria in the news headlines lately (which is usually the case, unfortunately) there have been massive protests all over the country, much like what is happening on now on the streets of Istanbul and Brasilia. You can follow the protests on Twitter with the hashtag #ДАНСwithme

For more information on the background of the current protests, and how they are different from the earlier ones that led to the resignation of the previous government back in February, read this blog post. An imploring and heartfelt open letter asking Europeans and others to help publicize the current situation can be read here. After a brief web search I came up mostly empty with current articles from the major international news agencies. Following the Twitter page and reading the English-language sites in Bulgaria (or better yet- Google translated versions of sites like Dnevnik) will probably remain the best ways to keep up with events until they get more international coverage.

Hence this blog post. If you are reading this outside of Bulgaria, please share information about the protests in Bulgaria with your friends or find a photo of the protests to share on Twitter. While I am in no way informed enough to make speculations about Bulgaria's political future, I do believe that the only way for Bulgarians to make their voices heard is by exercising their right to protest against the corrupt practices of the current government. And others can help support them by speaking out against political corruption and abuse everywhere. So please spread the word about Bulgaria and help the protesters make their voices even louder to the rest of the world.

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  1. I hadn't heard about this at all down here in Smolyan. Thanks for sharing! The Eastern Thoughts blog you linked to was a great run-down.