Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Homeward Bound... (6 months from now)

Today I finally got around to calling the airline company to change my flight back to the States. I decided to buy a roundtrip ticket here but had to opt for changing it later, as they won't let you book more than a year in advance. On top of that I still had to pay to change the flight (always with the fees!). Anyway I spoke with someone who was able to find me a good deal and my journey back home begins exactly six months from now, on July 19. That seems like a long way away but considering how the last few months have flown by I'm sure that it won't not long from now. Because school gets out on June 30th I'll have 18 days to bum around in Europe until I go home. My return flight is now booked out of Warsaw so I can go visit the cousins before I leave. I figure I'll pack up here and maybe make a few stops on the way up to Poland. I'd like to try taking the train up this time. I've heard it's nice.

So if you're reading this in Seattle, I'll see you in July!

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