Friday, December 23, 2011

In Seattle for the Holidays...

Greetings from Seattle! After a long plane ride (made all the more pleasant by my travel buddy L.) and two nearly-missed connections in Amsterdam and Minneapolis I finally met my dad and brother at the airport. The first thing we did was meet my stepmom at the Greenlake Grill where I ordered my first real cheeseburger in over 6 months. It was glorious! I told my mom the other day that while I'm happy to see everyone back home, one of the most exciting reasons for me to visit was the food. I'm half-joking, maybe. So far I haven't seen too many of my friends but I have been catching up a lot with my mom and brother, which is good. Yesterday my mom and I drove two hours north to see her sister in Bellingham, a familiar road trip that brought back a lot of memories. Sometimes coming home can be hard because of how people and places change in ways that are beyond our control, but I'm staying positive and just enjoying the time I have here as much as I can. It's weird to think that tomorrow night is Christmas Eve already. So many people to see! I hope that everyone reading has a fun, safe holiday spent with loved ones. Merry Christmas! 

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