Thursday, January 12, 2012

Back in Bulgaria... and post-holiday blues

My three weeks in Seattle ended up being a whirlwind of social activities, which is actually how most of my trips back home tend to go. I visited three other cities (Bellingham, Portland and Tacoma) to see family and friends, went to an awesome flash-mob style dance party, spent New Year's Eve with some of the best people I know, met one of my stepbrothers for the first time ever and spent lots of quality time with my (large) extended family. The 8th of January definitely sneaked up on me, and I was exhausted by the end of the trip just trying to fit everything in. I never manage to accomplish everything I want to in such a short period but I did cover most of my bases, catching up with old friends and visiting far-away relatives. Now that I'm back in Sofia it's sort of a bittersweet mixture of being excited about the new school term (and seeing my students) and getting together with friends here, but also feeling homesick and pretty sad that I won't get a chance to see my family again for a long time. And the weather outside doesn't help much. Yesterday I was feeling this way more than usual, probably because I stayed at home by myself most of the day. Meeting friends in the evening made a huge difference. So I'm still getting used to the time difference, going to bed earlier and picking up my routine again... Tough life, right? Here are some photos from home that are making me smile.

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