Friday, January 13, 2012

Decentralized Dance Party

Okay, so in my previous post I mentioned going to a flash-mob style dance party in Seattle. I'd like to elaborate, because I think the concept is pretty awesome. Basically, these guys from Canada came up with the idea to have a "decentralized" event where they provide the music on an Ipod which they use to broadcast to a specific radio frequency that can be transmitted to up to 300 music players at once. So the idea is to get enough people to show up (in costumes) to the event with boomboxes that there are moving speakers everywhere and the sound follows the people at the dance party. These parties have traveled all over the United States and I had the pleasure to attend the first one held in Seattle. I first found out about Decentralized Dance Party (DDP) through my very hip and tech-trendy friend L, through whom I have discovered much of my new favorite music throughout the years. The costume theme was "business casual," and a lot of people showed up, despite the misty weather typical for December nights. The music was mostly retro hits, with some Daft Punk and other electronic dance-pop mixed in. Apparently they're on a big tour, so keep an eye out and if you have the chance to go, it's a lot of (mostly) good, clean fun.

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