Sunday, February 19, 2012

A little slice of Poland in Sofia

Today I went with my friend Patrick, who happens to have a very entertaining new blog on public transportation in Sofia, to the Polish grocery store. It's located in Krasno Selo, which isn't that far from where I live unless you're going on foot or with public transportation. We rode the metro for three stops then took the number 5 tram to the Krasno Selo market and walked to the shop (about 40 minutes). Even with all of the melting snow making it especially messy to walk around the city, it was definitely worth the trip. I got some dried sausages (kabanos), pickles (ogurki), herring (sledz) and beetroot soup (borszt)- it was the instant kind, not pictured. 

As I imagined, the shop didn't have everything I wanted (Zubrowka vodka?!) but it did have a lot of good stuff and it's nice to know that I can find these products here. In some small way they remind me of my Polish family and lots of memorable visits to Warsaw. Hopefully I'll be making a return trip soon- after all, they don't sell my aunt's homemade pierogi or potato pancakes here!


  1. Thank you Sophia for this article, you helped me to find polish tastes that I've missed a lot since I'm in Sofia. :)

    1. I am glad to be of service! By the way, there is a Russian grocery store chain called Berezka ( which has great frozen pelmeni that are almost as good as my aunt's pierogi!