Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Headed into full-on winter weather... or maybe not.

The weather here has been confusing lately. People say that it's normal for this time of year, with the changing seasons, for the temperature to change suddenly. But I don't remember it being this extreme last year. In 2010, the first time I saw snow was earlier- in fact, it was the first weekend in October- but that was also in the Troyan mountain pass, which gets snow much more frequently than other places because of the high altitude. Obviously. But this year in Sofia we had snowfall while the leaves were still green on all the trees! It was a bit of a strange sight to wake up to early on a Sunday morning:

Really? Snow in October? What's even funnier is that today it warmed up to what felt like at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit by the afternoon. Unfortunately, I dressed for the weather based on the temperature outside when I left the house (it was a brisk 34 degrees still at 9AM). This resulted in some uncomfortable hotness under my winter jacket, thermal top and knit scarf. And yes, I've learned my lesson and I'm going to layer much more strategically in the future... because just when I think I've finally gotten the hang of dressing sensibly for the weather, it goes and changes by at least 15 or 20 degrees!

The weather, combined with the fact that I spend most of my working day talking (or yelling, as need be- I'm only half kidding), means that I also need to be very cautious to avoid getting sick. A few of my friends have been experiencing flu-like symptoms and I've had a lingering sore throat for most of this week. My secret weapon for battling the cold? Lots and lots of tea. And vodka. I think I'm feeling better already.

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