Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving quotes

On Thursday during my Thanksgiving-themed lessons, I asked students at the First English Language High School in Sofia what they were thankful for. Some of their answers were predictable for teenagers, but others were surprisingly sweet and thoughtful. There were also a couple of really funny ones. Here are the “top ten” responses from my eighth grade classes:

1. “My TV, because it actually helped me learn English.”
 2. “My telephone, because I can’t live without it and if I haven’t got a phone I couldn’t talk with many people.”
3. “For my computer, because it helps me cheat on my homework.”
4. “Steve Jobs for everything he did and gives to the earth. RIP.”
 5. “The music, because I wouldn’t exist without my piano and my guitar.”
6. “For my education because when I grow up I will have a very good job.”
7. “I’m thankful for being in this school because I met some great new people and I worked really hard to get here.”
8. “All the reasons there are to smile.”
9. “My grandmother, because she is the strongest person I know.”
10. “For Sophia, because she taught me how to draw a turkey.” (This last one is real, I promise!)

My Thanksgiving was spent with lots of American, Bulgarian and European friends at an embassy event where we had some delicious holiday food, including pumpkin pie, which I have been thinking about for the last several weeks. I even took part in a mini-football game and was told by our host that one highlight of the afternoon was when I stepped outside in my dress and heels to play. Full disclosure: we only tossed the ball around for about twenty minutes because it was too cold to play for a long time. Even though I didn’t get to spend it at home (again) I still had a pretty great time on Thanksgiving. The rest of the weekend I hung out with friends in town for the event, and later on today we’re going to check out the German Christmas market that just opened. So far, a great start to the holiday season! 

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  1. Awww so lovely children. the last one of your Thanksgiving quotes made me laugh! He;s pretty straightforward and precise huh. Nice post! thanks for sharing.